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Delicately Roasted Delicata Squash

If your family is like mine taco night is a BIG hit.  Everyone seems to like Mexican food in my house.  The kids love it because it tastes good and I love it because you can be so creative.  Whether you like sweet, spicy, cheesy, creamy, crunchy or all of the above you can make it happen with Mexican food.

Now one of the problems I’ve found with making taco night is that well..  there are just so many sides to put out and it creates a lot of dishes.  I created this easy to bake recipe to streamline the whole taco making process.  An added plus is that this is great recipe to make on the weekend and have ready to heat up for later in the week.  Now before I go into the recipe, let me tell you why this dish has it all.  Black beans add protein and fiber, cheese provides calcium, corn boosts both iron and antioxidants in your diet , beef is a good source of both iron and protein, and finally tomatoes are rich with vitamin C .