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The Hunger Scale


The Hunger Scale

The next lifestyle change I plan to make is to look at my hunger each time I eat.  Often times we start to eat on auto pilot and forget to actually check in with if we are hungry and how hungry we actually are!

With my clients I often use the hunger scale and ask them how hungry they are at meal times and how full or satisfied do they feel when finished.  What I’ve learned is that those who get very hungry on the scale a level of 1-2 seem to overeat at that meal.  Now if your stomach is growling and you describe yourself at a level 3-4 you are more likely to control food choices and stop eating when you are comfortably satisfied.

Many people have created their own hunger scales, they are all basically the same with slightly different wording this one is from Bob Green’s “The Best Life Diet”


10 – STUFFED: so full that you feel nauseous
you need to loosen your clothes
8 – UNCOMFORTABLY FULL: you feel bloated
7 – FULL: you feel a little bit uncomfortable
6 – PERFECTLY COMFORTABLE: you feel satisfied
5 – COMFORTABLE: you’re more/less satisfied,
but could eat a little more
beginning to feel signs of hunger
3 – UNCOMFORTABLE: stomach is rumbling
2 – VERY UNCOMFORTABLE: you feel irritable
& unable to concentrate
1 – WEAK & LIGHT-HEADED: your stomach acid is churning

** Begin eating when you’re at a 3 or 4
** Stop at 5, if you’re trying to lose weight
** Stop at 6, if you’re wanting to maintain your weight

Now I’d like to do this for at least one month and really make note of how I’m eating.  When I do try this I realize that sometimes I’m eating out of habit or even fear that I’ll get busy and won’t be able to eat for several more hours.  I’ve learned that by following this scale and tuning into my bodies clues for hunger and fullness I feel a lot better over the course of the day and end up eating less more nutritious food.

I’d love to hear your journey in trying out the hunger scale



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