Happy New Year 2014!


Happy New Year, it’s 2014!!

This is one of those milestone years for me.  I’ll be turning 40 at the end of the year and I’d like to look and feel my best.   So I’ve decided to make some changes to my lifestyle to help me reach those goals.  This year I’ll be posting 40 weeks (or more) of healthy habits.  Don’t feel like you need to make 40 habit changes in one year, that may be too many.  Follow along with the ones you like or modify and make your own, maybe one a month.

Now, everyone has this ideal in their head of where they would like to be in life.  You may have this perfect picture of how you’d like things to be in terms of your health, body, fitness level, relationships, career, and finances.  Then you look at where you are today and realize there is this GAP.   In some areas it may be a BIG gap and in others might be small or even closed.

In order to close the gap in these areas permanently you need to make lifestyle choices that are consistent in reaching your goals or ultimate ideals.

This year I will  focus specifically on my gaps in the areas of health, body, and fitness.  Now, it is important that you have realistic expectations here, not everyone has a tall lean frame or big muscular build to start with.   Just look at what your own personal ideal would be and start from there.

Here’s where I want to be:

Without getting into all the specifics, I do have my own vision board for this…  But basically, I’d like to be in great shape physically, having a body fat close to 25% (see chart for your ideal range for age and gender), complete a 1/2 marathon that beats my best time to date (I’ve run 16 so far), and have a blood panel from the doc that comes in healthy ranges, including vitamin D.

In order to get from today to my ideal, lifestyle changes need to be made; not drastic ones, simple ones.  These are called habits!!!

Some habits will be daily; some will be less frequent weekly, monthly, or even quarterly.

Can’t wait to go on this journey.  Get ready.



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