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Going Vegetarian for a Month


Habit number #1 is a big change for me.  I decided to join the Quantified Diet project which is a 4 week trail studying 10 popular diets trends.  I was randomly assigned to the Vegetarian Diet.

Now, I was planning on doing some sort of a cleansing diet for the first few weeks of the year, so being assigned this diet is perfect.   I plan to be fairly strict on the plan the first few weeks and eliminate dairy as well, I’ll still eat eggs.  The reason I’ll eliminate dairy, is not because I’ think its bad for you, but I do consume most of my saturated fats in this area; 1% milk, butter, cream cheese, and cheese to name a few.

The diet is being run from the team at Lift, which is a app that allows you to track goals you are welcome to follow my weekly journey there.

After the 4 week trial is over, I plan to continue to eat vegetarian at least one meal per day.



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