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Creating a Food Journal


This weeks habit is one that I’ve done on and off.  I have two good reasons for journaling and both are totally different.

First, I’ll start with journaling your food intake so you can keep better track of what and WHY you are eating.  This is a good exercise for a few weeks to find out patterns in your food habits:

  • Am I eating enough fruits and veggies?
  • How many times a day am I actually eating?
  • Do I eat out of boredom?  loneliness? happiness?
  • Exactly haw many times this past week did I decide to “treat”myself to a yummy dessert or piece of dark chocolate.

People who write down what they eat tend to have an easier time losing weight.  However, I know that it can get tedious after a few weeks.  So I like to journal occasionally to get me back on track.  A few good websites for this include: MyFitnessPal, Weight Watchers or Lose it!  If  you aren’t concerned with tracking calories and just want to check for eating patterns start a simple spreadsheet.  For the spreadsheet, I add a few columns to track time, hunger level, and any thoughts, feelings or emotions that I’m having.

The second reason I like to track what I’m eating came after taking a food writing course at Stanford.  This class was awesome and taught me to use colorful descriptions when talking about food.  What I noticed most in the class is that most people weren’t health professionals or writing about the nutrition in food, they were writing about the pure joy, love, excitement, and care that goes into thinking, preparing and enjoying food.  I have a journal to write down new variations to recipes I’ve tried, new restaurants I go to and great food ideas from parties.  This allows me to create new exciting recipes on my own.




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