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Create Signature Meals


Part 1- recipes you make at home

Signature meals are:

  1. Nutritious and delicious
  2. Family favorites
  3. Meals that can be made or prepped ahead of time
  4. Made without the use of a recipe because you’ve made them so many times you don’t need one anymore
  5. Made with ingredients that you have on hand often

Now here are some of my favorite signature meals at home


  1. Veggie omelet with herbs and whole grain toast
  2. Warm oatmeal with dried blueberries and walnuts
  3. Once freshly baked banana muffins secretly frozen for use on busy mornings. Banana oat muffins with toasted pecans (recipe coming soon)


  1. Quinoa with zesty lemon and arugula
  2. Asian slaw with sesame soy dressing
  3. Simple whole wheat sandwich with sliced turkey, thick sliced beefsteak tomatoes, and lettuce


  1. Sweet Corn Taco Bake
  2. Grilled Salmon, whole grain cous cous and steamed broccoli
  3. Rosemary, herb, dijon chicken with green beans and steamed brown rice

Check back again for more of my signature meals as I continue to add my favorite recipes…



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