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Congratulate yourself EVERY day!


I like to think in health in terms of the positive.  Feeling good about the things you are doing right can have a positive impact on your mood and health immediately.

Each morning pick something you would like to accomplish to boost your wellbeing.  It can be something you already have scheduled like a yoga or zumba class or it can be something new.  Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Today I’m going to…

  1. take a hike in the hills around my neighborhood
  2. make my lunch for work and include fresh fruits and lots of veggies to snack on
  3. pick a muscle I want to increase tone to and do 2 strength training exercises
  4. enjoy a cup of tea and fresh berries in the evening as my dessert
  5. take a walk with my family after dinner and watch the sunset
  6. drink water until my pee turns light yellow 🙂
  7. cut up fresh veggies onions, peppers and make a 2 egg omelet for breakfast to start my day off well
  8. spend 10 minutes listening to relaxing music and stretching
  9. cook grilled fish, whole grains, and vegetables for dinner
  10. go to that spin class I’ve been wanting to go to

At the end of the day with your head snuggled up in your pillow think and congratulate yourself for doing something to help your well being and possibly think about what you will do the next day.  Stop beating yourself up for all the things you didn’t do right in the day and focus on what you are doing well.  You’ll feel better about those habits and make them a more routine part of your life.



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