Another Season of Training Starts NOW


I’m starting with a running group this Spring to train for yet another 1/2 Marathon, this season will mark my 15th and 16th 1/2 marathons.  It’s time for a new watch.  I’ve always loved the Garmin but mine is probably 10 years old.  It still works and is in great condition but I’m stepping up this year.  What features I love the best are the tracking of mileage and the fact that you can time a run/walk this way.  I love to run but running always seems just a bit easier when you have that one minute walk break built in.  This year my group will run for 8 minutes and then walk for one, without a way to track the run/walk breaks I feel lost.

This season I plan to blog post some of my best runs along with helpful nutrition, hydration and recovery tips.  This first week was just 2 miles next week 3.  For these shorter runs the thing I focus most on is hydration during the week.  It’s so important when you are active to stay hydrated, before and after your exercise.  Look forward to sharing this journey with you!


Baked Kale Chips


Growing up, I thought of kale as a salad bar decoration.  We would put large bundles of kale over the ice in the salad bar at the pizza restaurant I worked in. I never even knew you could eat the stuff.  It wasn’t until I became a dietitian that I started realizing the amazing nutrient richness of this dark green leafy veggie.  Kale can help your body naturally detox at a cellular level and provides more than 1,300% of the DV for vitamin K.  Even after I learned so many benefits to eating this veggie,  I couldn’t think of any way to prepare it.  Until one day at Google one of the chefs in Nourish prepared crispy baked kale chips as an appetizer at our cooking demonstration.  Now, whenever I get a big bunch I love to make a nice weekend snack for the family.  I can eat almost the whole bunch myself!

Baked Kale Chips
Nutrition Information
  • Serving size: ½ batch
  • Calories: 85
  • Fat: 7
  • Carbohydrates: 4
  • Fiber: 1
  • Protein: 1

these simply delicious kale chips are a fantastic weekend snack or appetizer at your next party.
  • large bunch of fresh kale
  • 1 tbs. olive oil
  • 1 tsp salt

  1. preheat oven to 300 F.
  2. wash the kale and dry thoroughly (very important step to make the crispiest kale chips)
  3. cut the ribs out of the middle of the kale
  4. roughly break the remaining leaves into large and small sizes, throw into large bowl
  5. toss with olive oil
  6. sprinkle salt
  7. arrange in single layer on large baking sheet
  8. bake 20-30 minutes turning kale every 10 minutes
  9. serve warm


Choline is an essential nutrient in pregnancy


Did you know Choline is an essential nutrient during pregnancy and not in your prenatal vitamin?  In order to get the recommended 450mg you need to help your babies brain development make sure you are eating plenty of choline rich foods during pregnancy.  Foods higher in choline include meats: beef, pork, chicken, and salmon and low fat dairy: yogurt and milk and eggs

Just one egg has one fourth of the daily requirement for choline during pregnancy


Review the following article or more information;  Elevating Awareness and Intake of Choline

Hello world!


Hello world!  This is my first post.  I’m so excited to launch my new website.  It has been a long time coming.  I’ve wanted to have a website to blog about nutrition and share my favorite recipes.  I am always doing research for my clients, reading magazines and journals.  I thought I should be sharing these topics.  Here’s what you can expect from my blog.  The latest nutrition research on topics that interest me and my clients, nutrition questions that have puzzled me for years (and I finally got the time to look into the research), and recipes.  Now my recipes will not all be healthy, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten or wheat free.  Of course most will be healthy but I believe that a little indulgence is a necessity in life.  I just try and keep in in check to the minority of the time.  I look forward to increasing my readership and hearing from you. Please comment away and always reach out if you have questions for me!




Stephanie Lasher is a registered dietitian. Information contained on this site should not be used to diagnose medical conditions. Persons with serious health issues should consult a physician before undertaking any new diet or exercise plan.