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Barney’s Beanery


Classic Westwood Eatery been around since 1920 this is the original location but now there are 6 around the Los Angeles area.

So I’ve always heard of Barney’s Beanery and my recent trip to  UCLA had me looking for an original place for lunch.  I ventured in and sat down at the open seating patio.  Judging from the name Beanery I assumed the chili on the menu might be a local favorite.  Upon asking the server she did say that the chili was the highlight.  Interesting though the classic chili  is actually made without beans…


So I opted to order the sampler portion that contained the 5 different types including: classic, turkey, vegetable, Texas style or Fireman’s.  Now one thing that stood out after I sampled them was that the Texas Chili was actually spicy, I had just assumed that the Fireman’s would be a bit more spicy.  Here’s my opinion of the samplers


The Chili Sampler
The Chili Sampler

Classic ground beef a little bit mushy possibly good on top of nachos or a burger the way it’s made but no chucks of goodness in this one.   I would say maybe a classic but a little too ground for me, flavor was nice yet mild.

Turkey chili was with ground turkey combined with beans, corns and peppers.  Didn’t love the flavor.

Vegetable lots of beans, larger chunks of tomatoes, corn, and peppers cooked down mild flavor

Fireman’s-braised beef was yummy definitely my favorite hands down, larger chunks of beef in a rich sauce.

Texas-style was spicy with few bean and larger chucks of beef instead of the ground beef


I would come here again and this time opt for a cup of the Fireman’s chili and maybe a salad on the side.

Scales out of 10, 10 best!








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