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Another Season of Training Starts NOW

I’m starting with a running group this Spring to train for yet another 1/2 Marathon, this season will mark my 15th and 16th 1/2 marathons.  It’s time for a new watch.  I’ve always loved the Garmin but mine is probably 10 years old.  It still works and is in great condition but I’m stepping up this year.  What features I love the best are the tracking of mileage and the fact that you can time a run/walk this way.  I love to run but running always seems just a bit easier when you have that one minute walk break built in.  This year my group will run for 8 minutes and then walk for one, without a way to track the run/walk breaks I feel lost.

This season I plan to blog post some of my best runs along with helpful nutrition, hydration and recovery tips.  This first week was just 2 miles next week 3.  For these shorter runs the thing I focus most on is hydration during the week.  It’s so important when you are active to stay hydrated, before and after your exercise.  Look forward to sharing this journey with you!




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