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The 12 Days of Holiday Nutrition Tips-Day 8



With only 9 days left until Christmas you may be feeling it’s crunch time to get last minute work projects done, Christmas shopping completed, decorations up, holiday meals ready, Christmas cookies baked…  Take a moment and put things in perspective, write out your to do list and stop worrying.   Take some time, even just 10 minutes, to relax and think about ALL the joy the holiday season brings.  

My favorite activities to decompress in 10 minutes or less are:

  • Watching a YouTube yoga video on stretching
  • Focusing on deep breathing 
  • Listening to Christmas music 
  • Putting the fireplace on (even if it’s the Yule log on TV)
  • Lighting candles
  • Having a hot cup of tea or apple cider.   

Again take time out for yourself this season reduced stress levels can only make your holiday brighter for everyone.  



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