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The 12 Days of Holiday Nutrition Tips-Day 3



Maintain your weight this holiday season.

Trying to lose weight over this time can lead to added stress and anxiety.

There are 34 days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s this year, that’s just a fraction of the entire year.  Yet many people gain 2-3 pounds in this short window of time, thinking that they will just resolve to lose the weight next year.  Have fun, enjoy, and even indulge a little this season, but try not to go overboard all the time. The key is to balance out your holiday indulgences right.  Say you have 7 holiday parties over the season, pick your 3-4 favorite parties and indulge.  Stay more focused on keeping within a reasonable calorie goal the remaining 3 parties.  A good rule of thumb is to limit sugar during the day to no more than one 150-calorie treat or you can save up those sweets for the holiday party!



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